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Roll-Off Dumpsters

We specialize in helping homeowners, contractors, builders, and business owners rent roll-off trash and construction dumpsters.

Renting roll-off dumpsters can be intimadating for some who have not rented a dumpster before. The most common question we hear is "how do I know what size dumpster I need."

Don't worry we have specially trained staff which can direct you to the proper size for your project.

Lacey's Dumpsters


  • This is our “multi-purpose” dumpster and is the most popular roll off for residential use; ideal size for spring cleanup or small remodeling projects
  • Recommended for heavy loads containing dirt, concrete rocks or shingles because larger dumpsters may exceed DOT weight limits with these contents.

SIZE:  This dumpster mesures 5' tall, 6' wide, and 16' long. 


  • Overall, our largest and most commonly used dumpster
  • Great for construction waste
  • Great efficiency per haul.

SIZE: This dumpster measures 5' tall, 6' wide, and 22' long

What can & can't be put in the dumpster?

What makes the load Mixed Waste?
• cardboard, paper
• carpet
• toys, clothing, dishes
• household garbage, food waste
• furniture, mattresses, boxspring*
• Mixed waste loads can include any of the construction/demolition material listed

Typical Construction/Demolition Loads:
• Sheetrock, paneling
• Wood
• insulation
• Ceramic tiles, tubs, sinks
• shingles
• siding
• metal, aluminum
• wiring
• incidental amounts of carpet, paper and dirt

Please call our Customer Service Department if you are concerned about what you can or can't put in a dumpster. Some of the above & below materials may require special handling.

• fluorescent bulbs
• dirt, sand
• green treated lumber, timber, RR ties

• batteries, tires, electronics & paint 
• fertilizers, pesticides, solvents
• fluids, fuel, oil, gas, wet paint, stains

*You may be charged extra for these items.


Box Spring

*Other furniture household furniture     

TV   /   Console TV     

Car Tires    /   Truck Tires       


Other Electronics    

Air Conditioner     

Water Heater      

Snow Blower     

Push Lawn Mower    





Other Household Appliances     (* Commercial Appliances may vary.)

When renting roll-off dumpsters, don't settle for the red tape, frustrating service delays, 1-800 numbers, and high dumpster prices from the large chain companys.

*Our policy is to inform our customers of any extra charges that may apply before the order is placed, so there is no confusion. Every job is different, so in some cases, those jobs will be assessed when the order is confirmed. 

Cancellation Policy:The customer MUST notify the office of any changes or a cancellation by 1:00 PM prior to the day of delivery or you will be charged a cancellation fee.         

Trip Charge: If we attempt to deliver or pick-up the roll-off container & our driver is unable to access it, (ie: the contents are past the loading limit, no access, the sites foundation or the weight is over the weight limit.) a trip charge will be assessed.                      

Wait Charge: The driver must have access or there will be a wait charge applied for the company & the driver's time.                    

Return Trip: If the customer is not on site to approve the placement of the roll-off container, our driver will use their best judgement based on the instructions that were given. If the driver is requested to return to the site to re-locate the roll-off, a return trip charge will be applied.