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Black Hills Area Storage Containers

Black Hills Area Storage Containers

We're so excited to expand our business into the Black Hills area! Lacey's Portable KUBE Storage provides portable storage so that our customers can move from one location to another with no worries. We also provide a safe place for you to store your personal belongings! Whether your waiting to find the perfect home, waiting on a closing date, remodeling, water damage, fire..... etc. Our Portable KUBE Storage Containers are the perfect solution!

We also have 20' & 40' Storage Containers for SALE. We're one of the TOP Portable Storage Container companies in the area. With our competitive prices, excellent customer service & knowledge, you'll definitely find what your looking for!

We now provide & travel within a 4 state area. South Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa & Minnesota!!! So why wait, Call us for a quote today!

KUBE Storage in the Black Hills Area